With legislation changing at a rapid pace both locally and internationally, only the financial units that have a specific strategic management plan for taxes have a hope of not suffering the consequences of world recession.
Also, it should serve the strategic development of the company and provide for its future needs, utilizing opportunities in the most efficient way to the benefit of the business.
Professional tax management means the careful control of each corporate transaction and determination of the tax consequences, especially at the first business stages of an investment.
We provide reliable and valid tax information through our tax department, suitably staffed with tax experts, accountants and attorneys, some of whom having extensive experience in the specific subject, providing the following services in a reliable way, with confidentiality and at a reasonable cost.

Tax services - Τax consultant

  • Tax consulting support of firms and tax legislation compliance control
  • Tax statements composition
  • Provision of tax advice according to specific sectors, products and services
  • Handling of asset tax related transactions
  • Tax control encounter and settlement of tax suspensions
  • Setting up native companies
  • Setting up and support of foreign companies
  • Tax benefits’ exploitation emerging from developmental laws
  • Firm transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions


The commitment of our Team of the Tax Office is the provision of integrated tax and accounting services, from an experienced team with absolute focus in our clients’ needs. Our experienced tax consultants will study with due attention your problem and give you solutions which fits exclusively to your firm.