In our days, businesses operate in an uncertain and complex environment. Market rules are constantly changing, so there is stronger than ever the need to have skilled freelancers for any business.

Our offices are staffed by experienced and reputable partners who are graduates of economic schools and have responsibility and reliability, to resolve any accounting - tax problem concerns you, also, constantly trained in order to provide high standard services. Our target is to ensure for our clients the best results in each case, but also an overall improvement in their business.

Athens Financial Services can assist businesses and individuals throughout Greece, which operate inside this unstable environment, which is mainly characterized by the complex and ever-changing tax system.

Analyzing your business and the sector it operates, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses and propose direct and workable solutions. Fast and reliable service of our customers is a result of the organization of our office, experience, technological infrastructure, and responsible media.

At the same time, the use of new technologies, Internet, and our collaboration with top lawyers, notaries and computerized, guarantee the high quality of our services.

In Athens Financial Services our  multiannual experience and the daily briefing aim at correct, consistent and continuous service of our customers. Moreover, recognizing the current economic situation, we adapt accordingly our charges, always in connection with the high level of service. We give great importance to personal contact with each of our clients so that our cooperation develops in a framework of mutual trust. In an era of successive economic reforms, of rigorous controls and high penalties, is our top priority for our customers to feel really safe.

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